Bedroom Makeover_Creating a Soulful SpaceLadies, your bedroom should be an oasis. It should be soothing, relaxing, yet empowering. You need to go to bed in a room that puts you to sleep AND gets you ready to take on the day. Yin and Yang. I love when my bedroom makes me feel sexy without being obvious: Lush bedding, nice and neat (because we’re adults now), and colors that I really connect with. My biggest piece of advice for making over the energy of your bedroom is to leave the TV, laptops, game consoles, and Tamagachis out! Don’t watch TV in your room and don’t work in your room. This is a soulful space, not a movie theater and not an office. If it’s not sleeping or sexing, it doesn’t belong in the bedroom. (Sorry Mom!). Those are the only energies that should be associated with your oasis.

Now, onto the good stuff…

Step 1: Put shit away. I am guilty as charged when it comes to not putting laundry away, but once I do put it away, it completely changes the vibe of the room. Clutter is chaotic energy. Cleanse it by putting things in their rightful places, then light some white candles, and smudge the ghosts of laundry past away!

Step 2: It’s all about the lighting. Open your blind in the morning and let the flood of new sunlight bleed into your room. At night, all lamps should have soft, warm lighting. Nighttime is for unwinding, so you don’t want anything too bright or aggressive. I’m also a fan of pretty lamps and shades. There is no reason for your light fixtures to look like they were bought from a gynecologist.   Mix & Match lighting allows you to pick your favorite base and lampshades separately.

Step 3: Color theme. What colors do you connect with? Just like you don’t want aggressive lighting, you don’t want aggressive colors either. A fan of oranges and reds? Choose pastel versions so that they’re more soothing, rather than energizing. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pick your favorite base color and then throw in pops of other colors. I mix shades of purple, yellow, and greys. What’s your personal color style? It may inspire your overall Theme Inspiration.

Step 4: Your bed should be more inviting than the people in your life. I have an amazing relationship with my bed. Most days, I don’t want to get out of it. Your bed should be a warm hug. Do you like lighter linens or heavy cushy comforters? Pick bed linens like you were picking out a dude. What do you need from them? Do you need something flashy? Soft? A good mix? You may be laughing but your bedding is really important for your bedroom’s wellbeing!

Step 5: Wrap it up in a nice bow. Find décor that ties everything together and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Curtains dress up any room and throw pillows are your friend. Also, find candles scents or essential oils that bring you peace, awakening and sensuality. Don’t use them all at once though because your brain will get confused.

Decorating is more than just finding things that match and throw them into a room. Once you know what you want to feel from that room, design will come easier.