Getting Out of a Workout RutCoaches and trainers a like deal with the same feeling their clients do. Sometimes they get bored with their workouts. Sometimes they lack motivation. And sometimes they would rather eat a donut than a piece of fruit. We’re human and need to realize that motivation doesn’t just materialize while we sleep at night. We are responsible for building it and if you are having trouble, look for ways of making it happen. If you can’t muster it by yourself, find someone else to pull it out of you.

For the past couple months I have been bored. I mean so bored that I’d rather not workout than do a workout that doesn’t excite me. It’s still dark and chilly in the morning, so I’m not going to hike. The weight machines in our gym are BORING and not challenging… yes, I can up the weight, but the lack of variation killed my interest. My ankle is still recovering from my tumble, so anything high impact can’t happen. What is a girl to do? I found a specialty gym in the area that has equipment that I’ve wanted to try! Fighting ropes, weight sleds, TRX… something DIFFERENT from anything I’ve done. The added perk? They’re a small gym with a tight knit community.

Because the gym is new to me, I signed up for 6 semi-private classes. This way, I can get to know the trainers and the equipment before I jump into their group classes. It gives the trainers time to correct my form and evaluate the best workouts to suit my personal goals. Most importantly, it gives me someone to answer to. If I’ve scheduled the class, I’m going to drag my ass out of bed and go there so I’m not wasting a trainer’s time. It’s also not cheap, which is extra motivation. A $30/month gym membership may not actually get you to go because $30 won’t break most of us. A specialty gym membership, though? I think you’re more motivated to get there because it’s going to cost you a bit.

If you’re in a workout rut, think about why. Are you no longer challenged by your workout? Do you need a change of scenery? Do you need to workout in a more social environment? Sometimes it’s as easy as getting a group of friends together and being cheerleaders for each other. If you can change gyms or do drop in classes, do that! It’s a way to test new things out and get you into a healthy routine again. It’s all about asking yourself why you’ve derailed and what you think about get you back on the rails. Without finding out your “why”, you’ll be less likely to try. Always understand what puts you in a rut, so that you’re able to get out of it.