How to Find Cheap Fitness ClassesI was driving through the Marina a couple weeks ago and noticed a new gym had opened–Barry’s Boot Camp. I love boot camp style workouts, so I did a quick google search at a red light and saw that they had two locations in San Fran and had showers. SCORE. I had needed to get into a different routine, but with my commute, I needed a gym in a good location with showers so I could get ready and leave right after working out. Then I saw that it was $30 a class. WHAT?! I get that I live in San Francisco, but WHAT?! Even the “first class is only $27” wasn’t enough of an incentive for me. Specialty gyms like this will pretty much always be expensive, but you don’t always have to fork over the big bucks to workout in them.

If you’re anything like me, you’re either super into a routine workout or you’re so bored you can’t fathom doing working out at all.   So, it’s great to be able to take classes, try something new, and essentially get back into an upswing. With more and more designer workout studios popping up, we have more options, but don’t necessarily want to go into debt trying them. Honestly, I find I ridiculous that companies would charge $30 a class when you can join a gym chain for $30/month, but that’s a fight for another day. So what do you want to try? Piloxing? Aerial Yoga? Pole Dancing?

The World Wide Web is the best way to find cheap fitness classes. SHOCKER, right? You just need to do a little searching. My go-to for cheap fitness classes is Groupon. They make it easy to search your area for fitness classes or gym memberships. I was able to get a really great deal on spin classes in Daly City through Groupon. Instead of $25/class it was $5 a class. 15 classes. SCORE!! I have the option to pop in for a full priced class every so often as a splurge, but was never pressured into buying additional classes or a membership. I was also able to get a month of unlimited yoga for $20 instead of almost $100. I take these finds as little fitness victories.

If nothing comes up on Groupon, I check Living Social, or even just a blanket Google search for gyms in the area. If something strikes my fancy, I’ll go to the website and see what their introductory offers are. Do they offer discounted classes? Free classes? Are there perks for getting a membership? There will always be specials and cheap fitness classes; you just need to do a little searching. Never pay full price again!