Homemade Toothpaste_PreventIf bones can heal themselves, why can’t teeth? It’s a question I’ve frequently asked myself. There are many natural dentists who do believe that it is possible for your teeth to re-mineralize, but who do you believe? Maybe it’s because I have a phobia of dentists and doctors in general, but I always look to a natural remedy first—when it’s within reason.

Oral health can have an effect on your entire body, so it’s important to take care of those pearly whites. Once I got over the texture, I really enjoyed oil pulling. It left my teeth feeling cleaner than toothpaste ever made them and whiter, too! (I still brush my teeth guys…) I’ll admit, the amount of chemicals in toothpaste scares me a bit. I turn a blind eye because, well… we all have to brush our stanky mouths.

I’ve come across a few homemade toothpaste recipes that may help with re-mineralization. Ladies, grab your mason jars and try this out! (Hyperlinks included for easy ingredient purchasing)



Using a stainless steel blade food processor, mix all of the dry ingredients. Pulsing until well mixed.

In a separate measuring bowl, combine coconut oil, essential oils, trace minerals and water.

Slowly pour the liquids into the processor while continuing to pulse. Mix until smooth, adding additional water until it’s at your desired consistency.

Remove from processor and store in glass jar. If it starts to dry out over time, add water.

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