Itinerary_How to Plan Your Next Trip


We have a theme this week. Can you tell? I clearly need to travel soon, but I want everyone to travel. You learn so much and learn to appreciate life so much more when you get out and see the world. Because traveling makes me happy I wanted to give you some tips on how to plan your next trip!


  1. Make a list of places you’d like to go this year. Which can you easily do? What’s in your budget? Can you save for your dream vacation?
  2. Set dates. This helps you make those trips happen. Have a three-day weekend for Easter? Plan your trip around it.
  3. Research the area. Sure, Maine is beautiful, but what is there to do there? What area most suits your needs?
  4. Book tours and activities ahead of time if you can. It helps you save money most times and helps you manage your time BEFORE you get there.
  5. Travel to places like islands in their off season to save MAJOR change on hotels. I went to the Bahamas in December and stayed at Atlantis for much less than they charge in the spring.
  6. Use Google Flights to check for the lowest prices on airfare. It pulls information from all airlines and you’ll wind up with the best flight option.
  7. If you’re renting a car, use Priceline to bid on them. If a car rental place has cars available last minute, you’ll get a good deal.
  8. Have a credit card that gets your points for purchases and then you can use those points for travel credits.
  9. Southwest flights. You can cancel for free, change your flight for free, and check bags for free… Need I say more?
  10. Pack light. You’re not moving; you’re traveling.


Lastly, always tell someone when and where you’re traveling. Safety first!