Great Meditation in Unlikely PlacesWhen people think about meditation they usually imagine sitting with their legs crossed, listening to chimes, sniffing incense and reciting chants, but that isn’t the only way to meditate. I for one, have a hard time sitting still. Most of the time, my meditation is in the form of some sort of movement, but in a place that allows my brain to go on holiday.

What you are about to read may come off as silly, but I assure you, I am completely serious. Go with me on this… Here are my Top 5 Unlikely Places that are Great for Meditation!

  1. The shower – The shower is probably my favorite place to zone out and get in touch with my hopes, dreams, and release feelings of negativity. Literally wash away the bad juju. I have some of my best ideas in the shower. It energizes me in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. The element of water is extremely calming and helps promote a feeling of zen. Next time you take a shower, light candles instead of turning the lights on. Make it more of an experience than just a hygienic ritual.
  2. The Grocery Store –There is something about the fresh produce section that really centers me. It’s super strange, but I think it has something to do with consciously making the right choices. You’re there with the goal of health. Go with a list and focus on your nourishment when choosing your products. When you’re thinking about bettering yourself and taking action on that, even in the grocery store, it’s like a little high five for the soul. “Yea, girl! Bananas over Twinkies!”
  3. The Car – First off, don’t zone out too much because you’re driving and that’s dangerous. Cruising down the highway with the windows open, taking in the scenery, and maybe listening to your favorite band is another favorite of mine. If you’re feeling out of touch and unbalanced, hop in the car for an impromptu drive. You can do a lot of uninterrupted thinking while you drive.
  4. Waiting Rooms – I get it, the act of waiting is annoying; the DMV is surely one of the rungs of hell, but look at it this way, that’s time you can spend focusing on yourself, your thoughts, and your energy field. A waiting room is the perfect space for quiet reflection.
  5. The Bathroom– I saved this one for last because A. it’s funny and B. it’s ridiculous, but it’s also true! How many of you sneak off to the bathroom when you’re feeling overwhelmed or maybe just chill on the throne for a moment after you’re done. (I told you this one was funny and ridiculous) The bathroom seems like a place many of us go to pull it together when we really need our inner Beyonce to shine. It’s quiet, you’re alone… sounds perfect to me. Ain’t no shame in the bathroom game.


Meditation is the act of contemplating, musing, thinking, reflecting, etc. It is a great form of relaxation and getting in touch with your inner most feelings no matter how you go about doing it. If you want to sit on the floor and listen to Enya, do it. If you want to beast your way through a boot camp class to achieve enlightenment, that’s ok too. There is really no normal or usual way to reach your personal zen and clearly there are some unusual places that are great for meditation as well!