Wanderlust_Creating Your Ultimate Travel Bucket ListWhat’s great about being a human and not a tree is… we’re not stuck. Roots don’t hold us down. We can literally just get up and go whenever we want and I think that’s pretty awesome. The worst thing you can do in life is creating roots for yourself. Once you establish those figurative roots, adventure will almost surely cease. Life is about getting out of your comfort zone and chasing your feelings of wanderlust. Take vacation days and don’t feel bad. Move out of your hometown and don’t look back. Travel. Go places. Soak in the world. Many minutes of my day are spent dreaming about where I want to go.

‘Travel and travel often’ has become one of my life’s mottos. Don’t wonder what the places of your dreams are like, go there. Wanderlust is a bug that hits some of us more than others. It’s like having a nomadic soul. We constantly need to need to GO. There is nothing wrong with loving your home, but nothing beats the feeling of soaking in a new location. In life, your soul is impacted by negative and positive influences. It either grows or fades depending on the energy we bring into our lives. I believe travel feeds our soul in a serious way. Think about all you learn when you travel. The beauty you see. The people you meet.

There is a reason people typically GO somewhere for vacation… it’s because it reenergizes the soul. Travel is a soul cleanser, but sometimes it’s not cheap. To help you get to where you want to go, I want to give you this advice: SPEND MONEY ON EXPERIENCES NOT THINGS. Think about it this way, that new Fendi bag could be a flight to Dubai… When you’re on your deathbed, you most likely won’t be reminiscing about that purse. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? You absolutely have the power to get to every location on your bucket list if you’re smart about it. It’s time to make memories in the sands of Hawaii, in the mountains of Switzerland, in the rainforest of Brazil… Is Wanderlust starting to nip at you a little more?

Let’s talk about creating your ultimate travel bucket list! Think of all the places you’ve ever been intrigued by and write them down. Get a map and circle them. Put photos of these places on your refrigerator. However you make your bucket list, make sure it’s something that you can see every day. Don’t allow yourself to forget about these places. With all these reminders, you’re more likely to find a plan of action. This year, for New Year’s, I wrote down all of my goals for the year, including my wanderlust list. After I listed them out, I wrote dates down next to them. ‘Let’s do this for my 30th birthday, this for Valentine’s Day, this for summer vacation…” The trick to creating your ultimate travel bucket list is to give yourself a time frame or tentative dates for the trips. This way, you can save up, plan, and execute.

Of course, life happens and dates may need to change, but never give up on it. Just the act of planning your trip is so exciting and soothing in a way. I don’t know many people that get stressed over thinking about a Grecian getaway. Am I right? Allow your soul to get excited about the adventures you’re going to take it on.

Wondering where I plan on going to this year? Hawaii. (I’ve been to Hawaii before, but I fell in love and need all the Aloha I can get in my life!) Portland , Salem, New Orleans, Reno and Mendocino. Some of these places are in my own backyard and I don’t need to do anything more than a road trip to get to them, which is awesome because I LOVE road trips.

What’s #1 on my Wanderlust List? Bora Bora! It’s not happening this year, but the plan is to make that my honeymoon trip when I get married. Have you seen those hut hotels over the ocean? YES, PLEASE!

Where do you want to go and why? What’s your plan to get there?

Happy Travels