Plan Out Your YearEver since I saw The Secret a few years ago, I have written down my goals at the end of every year. More and more, when I look at that list, I am crossing more and more off my list each year. I’m a believer in the universe and knowing that what I put into it, I will get back. By writing down my dreams and goals, I am putting out positive vibrations that will bring me back positive. This helps those manifestations become real. If you write it down, you can make it happen.

I want you to plan out your year. Plan out 2016. Think of all the things you want to do, say, feel… and write them down. Give yourself a timeline for some of those things, so that you’re working toward the goals. If you have a crazy dream, write down your action. How are you going to achieve it? What things can you do to help achieve it? Nothing is out of reach. Nothing.

This year, I plan on doing lots of work for my blog, launching The Grounded Lotus, among a million other products. There are some things that will be easy and some that I will have to learn as I go along, but I’ve written down every little thing I need to do this year as well as all the actions I have to take to achieve some of those goals. But life isn’t just about business, I also write down my personal goals for health and wellness. This year, I created my Wanderlust List. These are all the places I want to visit and I’ve given then time periods.

Make this year the best year every by creating a list of business goals, personal goals, collaborations, and a wanderlust list. Keep it somewhere you’ll see every day and be relentless. You are able to achieve everything on that list.