How to do Nothing and Feel EverythingDo nothing, feel everything. As a person that is always GO, GO, GO, I’ve learned to embrace those moments of doing nothing and have started to schedule them into my life. When you’re always on the go, you forget to stop and smell the roses and actually FEEL your feelings about life and what is going on in it. Most of us go-getters need to learn to slow our roll and be happy just loafing on the couch or enjoying a cappuccino at café without thinking about our mile long ‘to do’ list. It’s time to relax and let our minds wander.

You work hard, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing the opposite sometimes. It’s a away of giving your mind balance.   Knowing when to work and when to relax, I mean really relax, helps your mind process what’s important and what’s not. Just this past weekend, I didn’t do my normal 1000mph Saturday and Sunday and because of that, I realized how happy I was. My feelings could be processed because I took a step back to do nothing. Yes, I went sailing, but what was a doing on the boat? Nothing… I was sitting still for 2hrs just taking in the world around me. Talk about inner peace at it’s finest!

Learning how to do nothing is learning how to be present in each moment. We need to learn to be conscious of our emotions, even the good ones. Life is going to speed by, but if you we do nothing every so often; it slows down enough for us to enjoy the scenery. Feeling pure bliss doesn’t happen when we’re working diligently through our checklists; feelings are felt when we take the time to stop, turn off, and be present. The more you do nothing, the more you will feel everything.