The Influenster Spice VoxBox Product ReviewEvery so often, Influenster sends me a box of awesome products to test out and review. This month, I received a box of ‘good for the body’ products that I’m IN LOVE with. There wasn’t a single item in the box that I didn’t like. So here is a rundown and review of all the goodies I’ve tried.

Yogi Tea – I’m already a yogi lover, but I received Vanilla Spice, which I actually haven’t had before. I thought the taste was wonderful and the flavor itself is so festive. What I love about Yogi is the detail they put into all of their packaging. I really enjoy reading the inspirational quotes on their tea bags. Yogi is a all around ‘feel good’ brand. If you haven’t tried their teas yet, I would go grab some. Vanilla Spice was for energy, but they have so many options for whatever you need, ie. Sleep, detox, energy, etc.

Good Health Veggie Sticks – I’ve become much more conscious about the types of treats I allow myself. Although I try to eat as non-processed as possible, I will allow myself some of my favorite “old me” treats… I’m a big chip person! I love chips, so when I got this bag of Veggie Sticks, I was like… ummmm give me ruffles or give me death! It’s my job to try them though, so I did. Holy yum! They’re actually really tasty and CERTIFIED NON-GMO! Winner winner. 50% less fat than potato chips, too! They’re a great alternative for when you want that salty crunch.

Soapbox Soaps Shampoo & Conditioner – Let’s start with Coconut scent. My head smelled like it took a vacation to Hawaii, which is great, because I love Hawaii. It’s also sulfate free, so for any of my ladies that color their hair, it’s safe to use! What really stood out was the conditioner. With curls like mine, I need a thick conditioner and this one is PERFECT. It stayed put and left my hair feeling super soft. Definitely recommend!

Sinful Color 2-step Manicure – Admittedly, I’m not a hot pink person, but I tested out my 2-step mani any way. First, you do the color (obviously) and then the top coat (duh!) but OH MAN, WHAT A SHINE! Sinful Colors is a great nail polish for a fraction of the price.

Not Your Mother’s “Whip it Up” – I posted my hair results on instagram… by far, my FAVORITE product I got to test out. I’ve always been a fan of Not Your Mother’s products. This moose was thick and creamy, dried soft, and gave me amazing body and waves. Plus side… the scent was just like a vanilla cupcake. Absolutely worth trying if you have curly or wavy hair.

Botanics Day Cream – Keep your face looking fresh and young with this day cream! It’s light, non-greasy, and has a nice light scent. I use cream on my face twice a day most days, so it’s nice to have something that isn’t so heavy for during the day. I really liked it and will be working it into my face routine.

Foot Petals – It’s that time of year where we switch to boots. If you do a lot of walking in boots, you know the feeling of fiery soles from walking a bit too much! The foot petals give a soft cushion to ensure that those boots were indeed made for walking!