giving-generosity-charity-QuotesIn a season that is becoming less and less about giving, I wanted to take a moment to express myself on something that is very important to me… charity. I am a believer in giving if and when you can, even if the only thing you can give is a smile. I make it a point to donate clothes at the end of each season, donate to animal foundations, and give money or food to the homeless when I can. There are so many charities out there and you can’t give to all of them, so who do you give to and why? What causes do you connect with?

This holiday season, I asked my family to donate to charities in my name instead of giving me material things. My boyfriend and I are doing the same. I’ll donate to the charity of his choice and he’ll donate to mine. This season think about what you can give… truly give to help others. Not only will you make someone else smile or feel good, you’ll create a positive ripple effect for your soul.

Here is a list of my favorite charities and non-profits:

One Kind Step

African Wildlife Foundation

Girls On the Run

The Gentle Barn

L.A. Family Housing

Woman, Inc.

American Cancer Society

If you happen to see a for someone’s dog’s vet bills or a little boy needing medical expenses, that is also a great opportunity to give. People have trouble asking for help; so if someone swallowed their pride and started a crowd funding campaign, try to help them out with whatever you can. A little goes a long way.

Happy Holidays