How to Become YourselfWe all do it… we mask or hide who we really are to make others happy, not realizing that this life we are given is meant to be lived how we see fit. I can’t stress enough that life is meant to be lived and that we should live full, happy lives, full of adventures and self-discovery. By holding back for others, we risk missing out on experiences that we would look fondly on, on our deathbeds. I for one never want to regret not doing something because someone else would judge me or be upset with my decisions. To those people, I bid you an “F-you”.

For far to many years, I made decisions based off of what I thought friends and family would think about them and at some point I just said, no, I’m doing this because this is MY life. I want to make mistakes and learn from them and I want to do crazy things that most people would be afraid of doing, like leaving my home town and moving to Hollywood with no job lined up. Now, I’m all about the next adventure. “Oh, we’re moving to San Fran?! Sweet!”. Letting go and embracing what life throws at YOU is step one in becoming YOURSELF. Not everyone will understand your story, and they don’t have to.

Think about the story of you right now… how much of your story has been influenced by others? Is that influence good or has it held you back from your dreams? It’s time to rid yourself of those mental blocks that are inherited from you thinking way too much about everyone else around you. Do you want to move to Hawaii and pick pineapples for a living? Would that make YOU happy? Then do it! Becoming yourself is all about doing what makes you happy.   If you are not doing what truly makes you happy, you are just a shell of yourself. I’ve been there. It’s an awful feeling.

Here Are My Tips on How to Become Yourself:

  1. Let Go of negative influence
  2. Embrace everything that life throws at you
  3. Do more of what makes YOU happy
  4. Dream big and go after those dreams
  5. Never hold back how you feel


Let your crazy light shine for the world to see. That light may just inspire others to break out of their chains and become their true self, too!