Dealing with Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression. It is a real thing. You may not be sitting on your couch cryingover a tub of BonBons, but you may be feeling fatigue and withdrawn from the things you normally do. It hits me every year no matter how prepared I think I am. I may have a plan in place to stay active and continue life as normal after daylight savings time, but the first time it’s dark at 5pm, I’m thrown off course. What is it about it being dark a little earlier that effects our emotions and productivity so much?

Sunshine gives us a boost of vitamin D, which makes us happy, so when we get less of it, it throws off our mojo (that’s a scientific term right there). There are some people that are robots and are not thrown off of their schedules… power to them because I am not one of them. I am the first person to put my pjs on when I get home at 6pm and it’s dark outside. THE DAY IS DONE! It’s hard when you get up in the dark and come home in the dark, right?! I have no idea how people who work night shifts switch their days and nights and don’t go into a massive depression, when just dealing with winter makes me a sad hermit.

Now that it’s dark at 5pm, I make sure to keep a to-do list for each night and when I get home, I turn lots of lights on. I actually keep the blinds and curtains closed, so that I can’t see how dark it is. Also, I think it’s great to consciously remind yourself that you’re only bummed out because it’s not summer. Sometimes all we need is a reminder that just because it’s dark at 5pm, doesn’t mean we need to go to bed at 6pm. Think of all the goals you have and tackle them over the next few hours. There’s no reason to become a different person or shut down like a bear this season.There are the same amount of hours in the day. Find ways to create your own sunshine.