You know me, always looking for natural remedies. Holistic = happy in my book! Well here are some DIY soaks and salves for natural pain relief and relaxation. Please make sure you’re using therapeutic grade oils, not fragrance oils.

Pain Salve

In a double boiler melt the bees wax and coconut oil together. Once melted, transfer into a small glass mason jar and let cool for a few minutes. Then, add the oils. Let completely cool until it is solid again. It’s perfect for massaging into sore muscles, onto the temples to ease a headache, or on your abdomen to ease menstrual cramps.

Pain Soak

In a large glass bowl, drop 2 drops of each oil directly into the bowl and then cover with one cup of Epsom Salt. Stir into the oils. Drop remaining 3 drops each of oil into the salts and stir again. Put the entire mixture in one hot bath.

Relaxation Bubble Bath

In a glass jar, mix soap and oils. Give it a stir, or seal and shake. Pour into hot
bath until desired sudsiness is reached.