How to Get on the Health Train BEFORE the New YearOne holiday centered on eating has come and gone. You may have done awesome or you may be trying to take your pants out a little. Even if you enjoyed a little too much stuffing, that doesn’t mean the rest of your year is shot. It also doesn’t mean that the following holidays need to follow in Thanksgivings footsteps. My plan for Thanksgiving worked well. I stayed away from the traditional heavy foods and only cooked for the amount of people I had over. I ended up with on portion of leftovers at the end of the meal. Before the year isout, focus on starting a new tradition of healthy holidays. They can be just as happy.

We all know it’s not just about food. While I believe that health and fitness is 70% diet, we can’t forget about the 30% exercise. Before we started cooking for Thanksgiving this year, we took a hike. It was definitely a nice change. Lots of my friends woke up in the morning, popped in a workout DVD and got it done. There are so many ways to get a quick workout in and then enjoy your food. Is your town hosting any runs or walks this holiday season? They’re typically in the morning and allow for the rest of the day to be amazing. Sign some of your family up to do it for you. Health and wellness is a tradition that a value more than stuffing and mashed potatoes. Let’s make sure that your loved ones are around long enough to make it to the dinner table.

Changing traditions never seem easy, but to get and stay on the health train before the New Year, making small changes to holiday menus and workouts will help you get there. I think that if you start BEFORE the New Year, you’ll have much more success reaching your goals afterwards. So what will you do during December? Think about making a little less food and moving a little more. My hope is that we all get to January with some success in our belts and a clear path to walk, or run. So this Christmas or Hanukah, only make enough food for the guests you have and encourage everyone to workout, even if it’s just walking for 30 minutes. This little bit of change will fuel a lot of motivation for the New Year.