Decorating for the Holidays is Good for YouThis week’s blog is short and sweet. I wanted to touch on why I think holiday décor is good for the soul. No matter your religion, embracing this season with all the menorahs, shelf elves, and lights it has to offer, is great for feeding happiness into the soul.

I understand why people start decorating for the holidays earlier and earlier. For 2 or more months (depending on how festive you are), your home gets to have a constant feeling of happiness, joy, and nostalgia. There is something about twinkling lights and the scent of pine that calms us after a long year of ups and downs. Holiday décor seems to carry us gently into a new year. Much like keeping your home decorated with your favorite colors and symbols during the year, I think for the holidays, you should do it up! Garland, lights, trees, music… go crazy, because infusing your life with the Hanukah or Christmas spirit is the best thing you can do for yourself at the end of the year.

The year may have beaten you down a few times, but each November starts a season of family, friends, and new beginnings. Think about what you love about this time of year and make sure you bring it into each and every day. No one is ever sorry for over-decorating for their holiday. If making your living room look like the North Pole makes you feel good, do it. You deserve it after surviving another year!

Happy Holidays!