How to Stay Healthy and Active this Holiday Season
How to Stay Healthy and Active this Holiday Season

Ok, Chickadees. It’s holiday time. Tis the season for overeating and forgetting that our bodies need exercise. We’re all guilty of it, but what can we do this year that will be different? How can we stay healthy and active during the holiday season all while ENJOYING ourselves?

My inner fat kid is strong! She loves food and likes to tempt me all the time. I’ve learned to trick her though. Honey sweetened tea for Dzdessertdz… Chocolate protein shake when I’m craving a milkshake… etc. But, during the holidays, I allow myself to give in and enjoy pumpkin pie and an extra scoop of stuffing. You’ll hear me say it a lot: LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED. Learning balance is the best thing you can do. One meal is not going to break you, but I also believe in making sure that one meal isn’t RIDICULOUS. Overeating is not good for you, ever. So remember, you may be eating things you don’t normally eat, but you should never feel guilty about it.

Here are some simple tips for staying healthy and active this holiday season:


1.Stay active. While dinners are being prepped, go for a walk or a run. Do a Turkey Trot with friends and families. Don’t forget to move. Get that workout in before the big meal and you’ll feel better about yourself.

2.Don’t wait for the New Year to workout or eat right.

3.Enjoy your food. Remembering what you know about portion control, have your turkey, stuffing, salad, and pie.

4.Change your menu! Don’t make more than the guests you have and try healthier versions of your favorite recipes.

Remember… change is good.

Anything that keeps you on the health wagon is worth doing!