Find Your Tribe by Rebecca Sparrow - Click to Purchase on Amazon!
Find Your Tribe by Rebecca Sparrow – Click to Purchase on Amazon!

What is a Soul Fitster?

It’s similar to a Soul Sister, but this one pushes you to be the best version of yourself, mind, body, and soul. When I first started coaching for Beachbody, the women I met overwhelmed me. They were positive, helpful, always striving to be better and inspire others to be better. They were also all different. Everyone has different goals and they were aware of that. These women ranged from super athletic mamas; to curvy girls… one thing they had in common was that they all acted through love. They didn’t judge your body or the way you ate, they were a support system for when you needed it. They understood me and I understood them. I dubbed them my Soul Fitsters.

How do you fine one? Well, what are your goals? What types of people do you respond best to? I would start by answering those questions and then find some online personal-development and fitness communities to join. You’re sure to strike up conversations with people that understand what you need and find people that can inspire you and teach you knew things. Surrounding yourself with these people will help propel you into becoming the best version of yourself.

If you’re looking to bring some amazing women into your life, I’ll share some of my favorite ladies with you.


Personal Trainer and pamper princess.


Chemical Free Mama and Fitness Coach.


Yogi, cat lover, and all around balanced bella!


NPC Bikini Competitor, Domestic Goddess, and Makeup Artist.


Designer, song writer, tarot reader and new age hippie