5 Tips for Turning Your Mind Off At Bedtime
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How many of you are like me at night? You’re exhausted when you get in bed and then all of a sudden your brain becomes a philosopher. I think about why the world is where it is, if there are aliens, why I’ll never be an ice skater… like really? Things I don’t think about all day will flood my mind and keep me up at night. It’s not fun and it’s actually quite annoying. Bedtime is also when my anxiety is the worst because I’m not distracted and am able to think about all my problems… and of course, aliens on other planets…

After years of restless sleep because my mind wasn’t ready to turn off, I came up with some natural remedies to ease it to sleep.

1.When you get home from work, set the lights low. Use minimal lights or just light candles. This helps the mind and body realize that it’s almost time for bed and signals it to slow down.

2. Mark things off your to do list and know that everything will be accomplished one at a time in order of importance. Learning to control your impulse to do everything NOW will help you sleep better at night. It will all get done, so stop worrying.

3.Have a hot cup of tea. Ain’t no shame in Sleepy Time tea! Something like tea will be recognized as a bed time ritual after a while.

4.Take a hot shower in the dark. If you take a cold shower to wake up, youneed to take a hot shower to go to sleep. The dark + the heat will slow the body right down and clear your mind.

5.Aromatherapy. The best money I’ve ever invested was in a kit of essential oils. Lavender and Frankincense will ease you right to sleep and some other mixtures will knock you out.


I love hearing from you! Let me know if one or all of my tips have helped you!

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