Why You Should Be Happy That You're Sore
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Be happy that you’re sore and your body is changing, and then give it some things to soothe it. No, I’m not talking about Advil. We want to embrace the sore, not mask it. Would you believe me if I told you that another workout would actually help your soreness. Trust me, when you get started it sucks, but the movement will get that lactic acid out of your muscles and VOILA, you’ll feel better.

While you’re all happy being sore and looking more and more fabulous, here are some other tips and products that will help you out.

Stretch! People seem to skip this when they should probably spend more time stretching than they do workout out. Try using stretching bands to help you get a deep stretch.

Massage! Rub those muscles down girl! They’re doing a lot of great work for you and could use some TLC. If you don’t have an on call masseuse, invest in a foam roller and guide. They’re magical.

Let’s review… Why should you be happy that you’re sore?

You’re body is changing and the workout is working AND there are amazing products that make your body feel OH SO GOOD when you’re done.