Happy Mind Exercise
Happy Mind Exercise

Mental Health. It’s become sort of a dirty word or words for that matter. But in order to live a perfectly balanced life, we need to know when we’re ok and when we’re not ok. We can’t be afraid to admit when we’re not doing so well. Conversely, we need to know how to make ourselves better. Conquering your mind’s thoughts, I feel, is much simpler that it’s made out to be. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but I’ve found that there are a few questions that you can ask yourself that help you refocus your energy into positive vibes.

Answer the following:

What in my life is making me happy right now?

What is making me sad?

What could I do to change what’s making me sad into something that makes me happy?

What do I love about my life?

What negative influences in my life can I do without?

How can I rid my life of negative influences and feelings?

When am I the most content?

How can I bring more of what makes me content into my life?

Do negative thoughts about myself sabotage my success?

How can I change the way I think about myself to aid my success?

A lot of what you can do for you mind is saying or writing down affirmations. These can be things you like about yourself or simple phrases like YOU ARE AWESOME. You ARE awesome. Everyone is. Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise. Learning how to reverse negative thoughts is the best way to keep your mind happy!