Workweek UnwindWork/Life Balance… Sometimes it’s hard to know if this actually exists. For someone that worries about work all the time, it was hard to shift to leaving work at work. Even if you have to worry about SOMETHING work related on a weekend, it’s important to unwind after your workweek. That means, on Friday night, you need to turn off (put the cell phones away) and figure out what you need to do to bring your life back into you. Let go of work and bring yourself back to life. Here are some tips for unwinding after your workweek!

1.Phones off. Away. Don’t look at emails… I have the worst habit of scrolling through facebook or instagram… looking at work emails. STOOOOPPP. Even I have to remind myself to turn off and let life back in.

2.Workout. Nothing gets rid of stress or bad energy more than a good workout. Make your Friday night gym trip a date with your significant other. You’ll both be ready enjoy the weekend.

3.Cook a good meal or make your Friday night a “going out night”. Some food and good conversation heals the soul. Always.

4.Mood lighting. You don’t even have to be setting THE mood… but I think that soft lighting is soothing and allows you to let go of feelings that don’t serve you.

5.Hot shower. Literally wash the past week off of you and let all the bullshit go down the drain. Bye bye, stress! Bath salts, bubble bath, shower bombs… so many magical things to make that shower the best end of workweek shower you’ve ever taken.

6.Aroma Therapy. Diffusing some of your favorite scents and associating them with calm and the distressing will help you ease into your weekend.

7.Glass of wine or your favorite adult beverage. This needs no explanation. Just enjoy. Now it’s time to start adding these into your Friday night routine! Happy relaxing.