A little RomanceAnyone that’s ever been in a long-term relationship understands the comfort you feel with one another after a while. I know everyone freaks out over the idea of becoming “comfortable” in a relationship, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Don’t you want someone that you’re comfortable with? Someone that you can be around in your sweats and feel comfortable? A good date consists of going to the gym or doing something super casual? I find a lot of comfort in being comfortable in my relationship and the fact that my boyfriend is my best friend. Everyone should strive for this type of relationship. But how do you keep a comfortable relationship a romantic one and not let it slip into a friendly one?

ROMANCE. Easier said than done sometimes, but hear me out! You need to stay conscience how keeping romance and passion in your relationships. Every so often, you should get dressed all cute and fancy for each other, make a candlelit dinner, have drinks by a fire or light 1000 candles in your home (safely of course). Keep that spark is what keeps both of your souls intertwined with one another. Romance is something that feeds your soul and keeps your vibration high and your aura bright. We hit mind, body, and soul here at Nikki Nurtures, so let’s discuss romantic things to keep your souls on fire and in love.

1.Touch – Hug and kiss whenever you’re around one another. Embracing and kissing lowers the blood pressure and eases anxiety… so get into the spirit of more X’s and O’s! You can also offer each other massages or set a day each week for couples massages, but doing them yourselves is what keeps the flame burning. Find oils you love, set some mood lighting and take turns relaxing each others bodies with some soothing touch.

2.Show Appreciation – We have a small blackboard in our kitchen that we write notes on. I can tell you the last thing I wrote was “Thank you for taking care of me”. Not a huge romantic statement, but when I busted my ankle and I was a huge pain in the ass until it healed, I knew I needed to express my gratitude. Showing each other appreciation and gratitude IS romantic, so do it and do it often.

3.Go on dates – It’s nice to go to a fancy dinner, but think of dates that will bring you two closer; think outside the box. What about a mud run? Many times during the obstacle course you’ll be helping each other and cheering each other on. Showing that kind of support for you significant other is another great way to keep the romance alive. I’m also a fan of standup comedy for a date. Laughter is the best medicine for everything. Whatever you decide, planning a date night in advance gives you both something to look forward to and if you have a good date, it leads to touch and appreciation ­čśë Keep the circle going.

It’s not about gifts or showing off, it’s about quality time but in a way that connects your souls. Sorry, Netflix, I may love snuggling up to watch Grey’s Anatomy re-runs, but it’s not soul-inspiring. So the next time you feel like romance has left your souls, think about things you can do to start that fire. No fire burns forever, but you have the power to keep that flame ignited. How will you bring romance back into your life?