I like to keep calm with some Yogi Positive Energy Tea!
I like to keep calm with some Yogi Positive Energy Tea!

How many of you are reactionary? Before you fully assess a situation, you’re already reacting? I’ve been guilty of this too. Whether it’s over-analyzing or overthinking situations or not fully understanding a situation, flying off the handle is never good for you or anyone involved. There are times to get fired up and there are times we need to breathe. Learning to let the water roll off the duck’s back is challenging. But, in order to keep your mind happy, you need to learn how to stay calm. Eventually you’ll be able to remain calm in any situation.

Here are my 5 tips for remaining calm:

1.Slow your roll. Fully understand a situation before doing or saying anything, especially when certain actions or words can’t be undone. Don’t get yourself in trouble.

2.When you’re busy, make lists. Do things one at a time, in order of importance. There is never a reason to make yourself crazy. Lists will keep you calm.

3.Breathe. If you feel yourself getting worked up, focus on your breathing. 10 deep breaths in and out or until you feel a sense of ease.

4.Walk away. If you feel yourself about to say something awful to someone or a project at work is making you nuts, walk away from it for a bit. The movement will help you calm down.

5.Talk. Get it off your chest. Sometimes we just need to say what’s what to a friend in order to let it go and that’s ok. But, say what you need to say, and then don’t return to it.

Write these things down in your office or your home: Slow your roll, make a list, breathe, walk away, talk. The next time you need to bring yourself a sense of calm, choose which action will help your situation the best. You may need more than one. Walk and talk is probably my favorite combo… and has saved quite a few lives if you catch my drift.