GoGo where it feels good. Go where your mind is most at ease. I’ve visited many places in and outside the country. Although I’ve had fun in many cities, there aren’t many that have the strong hold on me that California does. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to live in California, without even visiting it. I love this state. As soon as my feet touched soil, I knew it was where I belonged. The only other time I’ve felt that way was during a vacation in Hawaii. Maybe some day I can pick up my roots and live there, but for now, I’m more than content in California. But even living here, I get this wanderlust urge and need to go to other places to clear my mind. It’s always good to get out, leave your comfort zone, and see new things. But what about those people that dislike where they are all the time?

I recently found out that one of my best friends is moving from New Jersey to Texas. We had discussed places she could move for quite some time. She knew she wanted to go south and she decided on Texas. She was one of those people that hated where she was. She had a great job and lots of friends, but her vibe never quite gelled with New Jersey. Mine either, so I completely understand where she was coming from. That feeling of “I need to get out” is absolutely frustrating, but once you do get out and find that place that feels like “home”, your mind learns to relax and be happy. If you believe that your vibe attracts your tribe, you should believe that certain places would have a pull on you too.

Never feel stuck. You are not a tree. Although I think it’s important to plant roots eventually, you should be flexible. There’s so much to experience in life that if you get to be like my friend, you can look at a map, pick up and go. Obviously there is more planning that goes into this, like jobs and housing, but geographically, go to someplace that excites you and a place that feels like home. Don’t fight those feelings inside you because you’re comfortable in your job, your family is in one place, or whatever other excuses you have. Where you live in life has a huge impact on how you live, love, think, and feel. So go, travel, explore… live in a place that makes you happy you’re there every day! Plant your roots in a place that makes your mind happy.