Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe
Choose wisely, the people you share your life with!

We all have people in our lives that we like, but we also want to keep them at arms length. I’ve talk about these people before… the ones who seem to have a storm cloud over them at all times. These people aren’t necessarily the worst people we could keep in our lives, and we, as positive people may eventually have a positive impact on them, but there are some people that are just toxic. Toxic people suck and change your personal energy.

These are some ways to identify toxic people:

1.Their glass is always half empty. It doesn’t matter If you put a puppy in front of this person… they will have a negative response.

2.They talk negatively about others. A snarky comment every so often does not a bad person make, but when most conversations revolve around talking badly about others, even their own friends, I’d steer clear of these people.

3.They are manipulative. You can use your intuition for this one. They may look you in the eye or touch your shoulder or leg for reinforcement but you smell bullshit. They are not sincere.

4.They are selfish. Everything they do is for their benefit and they rarely, if at all, try to help others.

5.They are materialistic. People may not matter to them, but brands sure do!

6.They are combative and argumentative. You know, those people who will fight with you over why the sky is blue… Those people. Not everything needs to be a fight.

There are some times you’re around people and you just don’t feel great about them. You’re picking up on their energy field. I always pay attention to those things. It’s like when you have a super friendly dog, but one person comes to visit you and your dog doesn’t like them. Energies are crazy like that. Take special care in making sure everyone in your life has amazing energy, so that your energy stays amazing. It’s never easy to let go of people, but it’s imperative to keep your life from turning toxic.