Learning How To Use Tarot Cards
Learning How To Use Tarot Cards

There is a stigma around tarot card readings and I want to ease some of your minds right now. It is not black magic; it’s not about conjuring the devil or denying God… It’s a method of understanding your life, past, present and future and seeking guidance for goals and problems in your life. If you believe that nothing in life is random, like I do, you’ll understand why we believe each card and its meaning was drawn for a reason. It’s all about good mojo and finding guidance to overcome and pursue things in your life.

I’ve always been intuitive. I say that I can smell bullshit from miles away and I am a good judge of character. Something in me sees through all the facades the world and people put on. I also can tell when something is coming to an end for something better to start. The moment I started acknowledging that I understood these things, I had so much more control over my life. A few years ago, I had a tarot reading and at the end, the reader was asking me my interpretation of the cards. He said that he could tell I had the ability to read, but I was closed off to it. I was closed off because I didn’t understand what it was. For most of us, we are told it is against our religion. It wasn’t until years later, that I opened my mind to the idea of it.

Through research, I found understanding of what Tarot was and how I could incorporate it into my life. Understanding the images on the cards came so naturally and through the readings friends had done for me, I knew that I could draw only clarity from it. Like I said, nothing is random, not even the cards you pull. Sometimes the cards just confirm what you have been feeling. When the world speaks, I listen. Tarot is just a conversation.

I was told that choosing a deck that speaks to you is very important. It took me almost 5 years to choose a deck. I wanted something that my personality connected with. I didn’t want a deck that was super dark or ones that were too whimsical. Not even a month ago, I was looking for things on Amazon and came across the Shadowscapes deck. They were perfect! The cards were a beautiful shade of purple, which is my favorite color. The images were also a perfect mix of dark and whimsical. They were feminine and yet strong. Shadowscapes pleased my eye, so I ordered them. When I got them, they felt good and the guide was incredibly helpful. I’m still learning, but the first step is finding something that feels good and I did.

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