How to Build an Altar of Good Vibes
How to Build an Altar of Good Vibes

You don’t have to be religious to build an altar. Honestly, I combine so many different things into my altar, even though I’m catholic. What items, images, or ideas do you attribute to good vibes? Now think about where you want to place them all for you to see every day. That’s all an altar really is… a space for you to focus positive energy.

Here are some things I include on my own altar and why…

A simple white candle can be used for clearing and purifying energy fields. I also like to get other colors in on the action as well. When I can get to my favorite shop in Haight/Ashbury, I pick up green candles for abundance, pink candles for love, yellow for energy… Some are anointed with oils and come with special prayers and affirmation. So, when you’re love life can use some oomf, you can light your pink candle. When you want to attract abundance of any kind into your life, you light the green one. Candles are a simple, easy way to shift your energy fields.

Crystal energy is something that has been used for centuries. They have a very high vibration and different crystals represent different things. Just like colored candles, they represent grounding, protection, love… etc. If you’re open to their power you can feel the vibration in your had. When I pick crystals, I typically gravitate toward colors I’m attracted to first. Then I’ll see which stones I could use in my life. Do I need something for mental clarity? If nothing else, get a clear quartz crystal. They can be used in place of any other crystal if you set the intention you want it to work for.

Offering Bowl
My bowl holds my crystals, an abundance candles, and a sea shell, which holds my smudge stick. I intentionally picked a heart shape because the area is all about love and happiness. This is your offering to the world, the universe, the gods, nature; whatever you believe in. This is what you’re putting out into the world to be able to receive it.

I chose a seashell for my offering bowl because I am very connected to water. It holds my sage smudge stick, which is burned to clear bad energy. I also included a Buddha statue because I liked its serene and peaceful vibes. Hanging on his statue is a crystal elephant necklace to honor the majesty of what I think is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. I also hand a cross for my own religion. My altar honors everything that is important to me, including Jesus. It’s my own belief that Jesus would be totally down to hang out with Buddha. The world is made up of so many incredible things that it’s only natural to mix and match what you love. Create an altar of good vibes that speaks to you.