Putting the Soul in Your Workout
Spin Therapy, Daily City, CA

It was towards the end of my time in L.A. that I had gotten lost in the Hollywood bullshit. I was caught up in a superficial lifestyle and desperately trying to break free, but change is difficult, especially when you live a comfortable life. I was a producer working on movie trailers and TV campaigns for many different studios, but it was running my life and slowly started to kill my soul. For someone whose outlet was working out and prided themselves on eating well balance meals, the hours I was working and the stress level slowly took that away from me. People in the entertainment industry LOVE to drink for any reason they can think of and when you work 12-14 hour days, ordering into the office is normal. I could sit here and blame the industry or I can blame myself for letting it change me… for letting me undo all of the hard work I had achieved for my body. Part of the blame, is my own.

One of my favorite parts of the movie trailer process was picking out the voice. You know, the guy that says “IN A WORLD… “. For that, we contacted agents and mangers almost daily. A lot of what you accomplish in LA is done over the phone, never really meeting these people face to face. We are “the man behind the curtain”. I was lucky enough to befriend a manager during my time. She had the best personality and infectious friendliness. We met up for drinks one night and really got into deep conversation about staying happy when working in Hollywood. It’s all glitz and glamour on the outside, but at its core it’s a lonely, dark place. My struggle was written all over my face, even though I tried my hardest to hide it. She noticed my spark fading and suggested I accompany her to a Soul Cycle class that Saturday. Needing the push, I accepted. Little did I know, a spin class would change my life.

Soul Cycle is one of those expensive, celebrity popular spin studios that from an outsider seemed just that, an expensive workout for celebrities. Upon entering the building, we rubbed elbows with Scary Spice, one of the Mowry sisters, and Jason Mewes. Since it was my first class, one of the girls working helped me into the studio, got me clipped into the bike and wished me a happy workout. The walls were covered in motivational words and sayings,; it was dark, the music was bumping and everyone was ready to go. The class started and the instructor was full of energy, gave an incredible class, but what stuck with me the most is what she said. “You are invincible” “You can do anything” “Forget your pain” “Leave your shitty job on the bike” That’s all it took. An amazing, sweaty spin class gave me the balls to quit my job and find myself again. You get what you pay for in life and that was the best $30 I’ve ever spent. Check out Spin Therapy in Daily City, CA!