Color Me HappyIf you’ve ever taken a basic psychology class, one of the chapters always covers colors and how the mind perceives them. I remember sitting in this class in college and discussing why we connect with some colors, what feelings certain colors evoke, and why some people have an opposite reaction to them. I, myself, was completely adverse to warm colors. Yellow, Orange, and Red? Please get me out of this room! They made me anxious and uncomfortable. But when you think about those colors, they are normally associated with sunshine, happiness, love… It was good to learn though, that I wasn’t the only person who had the opposite reaction to these colors.


As I got older, I started to enjoy some of the warmer colors. Pale yellow gave a feeling of emotional warmth and reminded me of the freshness of Spring. A sunset orange always reminds me of the beautiful California sunsets I get to experience every day. Unfortunately for red, I still haven’t found my fondness. I think I worn one red shirt and I wear it around Christmas time.


I love having color in my house. Big, bold, pops of color instantly ease my soul after a long day. Colors have the ability to ease depression and sadness, so for anyone that suffers, think about what your favorite color combinations are and put them all over your house. When designing the Nikki Nurtures logo, I instantly though of incorporating my favorite color combination… purple, teal, and sunset orange. These colors are weaved throughout my house because they are both soothing and invigorating. What are your favorite colors? How do they make you feel? Make sure you bring them into your life for an instant, daily soul boost.