Same Corset, 60 lbs Difference! (Before on Left, After on Right)

When I first moved to Hollywood, CA and was finally ready and focused on my weightloss, I didn’t know where to start. I was very out of shape. Running was out of the question, I got winded going up and down stairs, and I had a hard time doing bodyweight exercises. So what to do when you feel like the cards are stacked against you? Walk! Get your body used to movement. I walked for miles every day and the weight started falling off. I added in some light weights and ab exercises after a while. In not time, I was turning my walks into hikes in the amazing canyons in L.A. But what really helped was the small changes to my diet. I became more aware of labels, what and how much I was putting in my body. Water and green teas were my hydration instead of sodas and juices. I stopped cooking with salt and used honey and greek yogurt for baking, instead of butter and sugar. These small changes added up and within 6 months, I had lost almost 40lbs. Now, whenever I’m coaching someone who feels lost, I tell them to start small. If you’re just starting out, take a look at your nutrition and see what you can start swapping out. Add 30 minutes of walking a day into your routine and if you sit for long periods of time, break it up with squats or stretching. The little things make a body happy.