Something GreaterI believe in many things. I believe in God, nature, the universe, and energy forces… I believe that nothing is random and that everything and everyone is connected. You don’t have to be religious to believe in something greater than you and me. Having a belief and a higher understanding of the world around me has helped me live life more fully. Feel a connection between you and the world around you. Believe in good indarma and positive energy and your life will be more balanced and abundant. The Secret tells us, “If you knew how powerful your mind was, you’d never think another negative thought.” Open yourself up to the possibilities the world has to offer. Believe in something greater.

I’ve read books on Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca… I am religious but I also believe that this universe has a lot of moving parts and when everything is perfectly aligned, you are balanced and can find enlightenment. My life is always the most balanced when I attend church, write down my intentions, show gratitude to the gods and energies that be, and take in nature. I may be losing some of you and that’s ok. I’m not saying that everyone needs to believe in all the crazy I things I do– I’m a little bit of a hippie. I just find life so much more enjoyable and more easily handled when I keep myself open to possibilities. Nothing is random. I know I am drawn to all thing greater for a reason. What reason? Time will tell, I guess. But I’ve learned to not reject things that are greater than me.

Even if you just believe in the majesty of an Elephant… if that thought gets you through from day to day, I think that’s worth something. If the idea of what something stands for makes you feel good, then acknowledge it and acknowledge it often. All of those positve vibes come right back at you. Don’t place any doubt into the world. Believe in something full-heartedly, respect your own thoughts, and find meaning in life’s beauties. Some are seen and some are unseen, but believing in something is the best thing you can do for your soul.