BelieveInYourselfMy first race, I did NONE of the obstacles that I had to climb. As I did more and more, my boyfriend was able to coax me over walls and cargo nets. Eventually, I was comfortable with some things and still terrified of others. The hill in this photo was steep. That’s why there is a rope. You have to use it to pull yourself up. To me, this was rock climbing. I got half way up and froze. There were people behind me cheering me on, my boyfriend up top ready to grab me and pull me the rest of the way… but my brain said NO, NIKKI… STOP. YOU CAN’T DO THIS. YOU’RE SCARED. I must have stood there, holding onto this rope and shaking like a leaf for 10 minutes. Then I started talking to myself… “You CAN do this. Put your leg up and move. Go–just go really fast. You’re NOT going to fall.” I got up that hill by believing in myself. Sure, it took some convincing, but your mind is a powerful tool. Whatever goals you set for yourself in life, CAN, be met, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never achieve them. The next time you come to a hill in your life, grip that rope and put one foot in front of the other.