My journal was purchased at The Green Man Store in North Hollywood, CA
My journal was purchased at The Green Man Store in North Hollywood, CA

A Book of Intentions, not to be confused with the Book of Shadows from Charmed, may help you unlock your mind and start living to the fullest. You could call it a diary or a journal, but what I like about calling it a “Book of Intentions” is you can literally write down your future. This is a book for you to jot down all of your goals and wildest dreams. It’s also a place for you to write down daily feelings of gratitude and affirmations. I’m a firm believer in if you write it down, you will bring it to fruition.

How do you start?
I like finding journals that speak to me. Maybe you like leather bound journals or you prefer composition notebooks. Everything you do in life should speak to you on some level, so give life a listen.

Page 1
Write down every goal you have for yourself and elaborate on how you plan to reach it.

Following Pages
Jot down any time you feel grateful and why. Sometimes it’s something as simple as your boyfriend making you tea without you asking. Sometimes it’s bigger things. When you thank the universe, the universe thanks you in return. Then, each day, or whenever the feeling strikes, write down affirmations. “I am worth it” “I am full of love”. I especially like doing this exercise when I’m feeling down. List 10 great things about you. Seriously, go ahead. This book should hold positivity energy, even if you have to spin a negative to make it positive.

Here’s an example.
When I moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles I had quite a few interviews right away. Not many of the jobs were what I wanted, so I came home from one of my last interviews and wrote in my journal. I thanked The Universe for the opportunities that it had presented me and then asked for something more specific. 1 week later, I had the perfect production job. You’ll be surprised to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished after a year of writing all of your positive musings down.