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Nikki's Offerings & Tools for Healthy, Happy Living

Creating Happy
Affirmation & Gratitude Journal

Happiness is an inside job and it all starts with a grateful heart. Creating your happy is not difficult, but you’ll need to change your mindset and put focus on the positives. This journal is a simple tool to help you cultivate your inner happiness. Start each day by affirming yourself. Who are you? What do you do well? What do you love? This page also includes an “I want” section where you can write your intentions and start to visually manifest your desires. Secondly, you’ll write down the things you are grateful for in the morning and the evening. Some items may change from day to day and some will be a recurring theme. The more practice you put into the ritual, the easier the act of gratitude and affirming yourself becomes, and from this you will grow and attract more happiness each day.

Passed Down
Friends & Family Recipe Journal

A recipe journal that looks like a cookbook and allows you, your friends, and family to become the authors. Have the special people in your life write down their best and most cherished recipes to turn this journal into a personally curated cookbook and keepsake all in one. The recipe journal can be passed down from generation to generation, keeping all the flavors and memories alive.

Crystal Visions
Dream Journal

Do you want to develop your psychic abilities and understand the messages from your dreams, visions, and other cosmic downloads? A journal will help you tap into your gifts. Log the date and time, what you were doing and how you were feeling before the occurrence, identify which type of download it is and fill in all the details about the experience: Emotions, Sensations, People, Places, Sounds, Aromas. Then write down the details of the visuals, what the messages were, and your researched or intuitive interpretation. Lastly, determine if it was a positive or negative experience.

Food Is Love | From My Kitchen to Yours...

I’m all about fresh ingredients and big flavor! Salad doesn’t need to be boring. You don’t need to be afraid of pasta. Beautiful fish dishes can be cooked in under 30 minutes. Let’s change our relationship with food and the kitchen! Meals have the power to fuel our minds, nourish our bodies, and create memories with friends and family. Food is love.

Plant & Sea: A Pescatarian-Inspired Cookbook

Healthy Plant-Based & Pescatarian Meals. From breakfast to dinner to tasty extras, this cookbook brings the best of plants and sea to your kitchen table.

I have such a passion for cooking and sharing my healthy lifestyle with others. We often overthink what’s healthy and what’s not. We sacrifice flavor. We eat too little. I hope this cookbook inspires you to get back in the kitchen and create imaginative, delicious, and healthy meals.


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