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My Philosophy


[blockquote text=”Try new things. Your mom was right, you’ll never know if you like something or not unless you try. I thought I’d hate doing mud runs, and I wound up with a Trifecta Medal for the Spartan Race series. Trying new things allows you to find new things to be passionate about. Life is nothing without passion. If you’re ready for a lifestyle change, you’re going to have to try new things. Always wanted to tap dance? Eat Thai food? There is no time like the present. ” show_quote_icon=”no” text_color=”#000000″ quote_icon_color=”#000000″]



[blockquote text=”The best way to experience life is to travel. You learn so much about yourself and the world when you travel to the places of your dreams. Travel is a form of soulful healing… why do you think people take vacations to beaches? Make sense now? If the wanderlust bug hasn’t bit you yet, let it. Be open to seeing the beauty this world has to offer outside of your own backyard because that beauty will be reflected in you. My advice? Create a list of 3 places to visit each year and map out when in your life you think you’ll be able to go to your ULTIMATE destination. ” show_quote_icon=”no” text_color=”#000000″ quote_icon_color=”#000000″]
[blockquote text=”Never pass up a cupcake!” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#000000″ quote_icon_color=”#000000″]
[blockquote show_quote_icon=”no” text_color=”#000000″ quote_icon_color=”#000000″ text=”If you can shift your thoughts from negative to positive and appreciate things like sunsets or warm breezes, your health will be positively impacted. Gratitude is an instant shift in perspective that leads us to appreciate and enjoy life more. Sometimes enjoyment comes in the form of a hot cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. Acknowledge those little awesome moments! Life is too short to not smile at the site of a rainbow. It’s also too short to pass up a cupcake, so eat up! It’s called BALANCE.”]


[blockquote text=”Positivity is never overrated.” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#000000″ quote_icon_color=”#000000″]