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About Me…

How would I describe myself? It’s really hard to put into words when you feel like you don’t fit inside a box. I’m a multi-passion girl boss of sorts. I’ve worked in Film and TV for over a decade as a producer and started this lifestyle blog in 2015. Ultimately, I want to entertain you and help you achieve a balanced, happy life. I believe we’re all on the planet to love and help one another, so Nikki Nurtures was born.

This former college cheerleader, hard rock loving, home chef, and spiritual hippie brings weekly blogs that cover pretty much everything that goes on in life. From recipes to fashion and beauty, to mind, body, and soul musings, I cover it all. Personally, I feel there’s too much to life that influences our days to just pick one topic or niche.

Life is about experiencing as many things as you can and trying new things at least twice. What I hope is that I can infuse your life with a little bit of curiosity, some loving energy, and the courage to make changes in the areas that are no longer serving you. Then, it’s your turn to pass that energy, those life lessons, and the inspiration onto others. Sharing is caring.

Random Fun Facts!
I played flute for 9 years – I can tap dance – Batman (1989) was the first live action movie I saw – From Dusk Til Dawn is my favorite movie – I was on a Telemundo dating show even though I don’t speak fluent Spanish – I went to college in Savannah, GA – I was afraid of melted cheese for a solid decade – I got my varsity jacket for Marching Band – I sang first soprano in choir – I see dead people (JUST KIDDING!) – I LOVE Sunday mornings ♥

Things I believe in…
♥ Making a big deal out of the little things
♥ Always finding something to be grateful for, especially on the tough days
♥ The power of Vitamin Sea
♥ Surrounding yourself with people that elevate your happy
♥ Continuous spiritual growth
♥ Doing what makes you happy. Always.

♦ If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive
♦ Get better, not bitter
♦ Life is too short to pass up a cupcake
♦ If you learn something, teach it
♦ When you look good, you feel good
♦ Comparison is the thief of joy

A Few of My Favorite Things
• Red Lipstick
• Horror Movies
• 70’s and 80’s Rock
• Cooking for people
• Beaches & Traveling
• Hiking
• Iced Coffee

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