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Nikki Nurtures is a gentle guide to living happy and healthy through utilization of the mind, body, and spirit.
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Hi, I’m Nikki! I’m a busy television producer with a passion for wellness. I’m what you could call a Healthy Lifestyle Influencer. Nutrition, working out, and connecting to my inner-self is something that I focus on on a daily basis. But my lifestyle wasn’t always healthy…


The body image struggle is real and it’s something that I dealt with for a long time. From the time I was a toddler I was always chubby. It wasn’t until I was older and working on my health and wellness did I realize why. Growing up, I wasn’t very active and I didn’t have a good diet. A move to Los Angeles ignited a love for working out and eating right, but once I finally took an active step toward being healthy, I got obsessed with the number on the scale. I was 108lbs at my lightest (I’m only 5′ tall, so that’s fine) BUT I was convinced I was still fat and needed to lose more. My career started taking off rapidly and the time I spent meal prepping and working out dwindled to almost nothing. I gained 20lbs back of the 60+ I had lost. It was a crushing blow and threw me into a depression. I was also becoming increasingly unhappy at my job. I was losing myself.



Left: Before Weight Loss, Right: After Weight loss

In May of 2014, My live-in boyfriend told me that his company was pretty serious about relocating him to San Francisco. It was perfect timing for me. I was excited to start fresh and have the time for self-reflection, something I clearly needed. I quit my job, which was liberating in itself, and took a few months off. In that period, I started Beachbody Coaching but something inside me still wasn’t happy. There was something deep inside that was unbalanced. I don’t know if any of you keep a journal, but I do. Whenever I’m feeling grateful, I jot it down. I also write it in when I’m unhappy or overwhelmed because sometimes you wind up writing down feelings and their reasons unconsciously.


I realized that the reason I wasn’t happy was because I was out of alignment. I was working on body, but wasn’t happy with it. My mind was a mess of thoughts and ideas. And my soul was hurting because I was forcing myself into a box. That’s when I decided to rebrand. I had helped people realize their potential even before Beachbody, but realized, my methods didn’t fit into their mold or the mold of what most personal trainers are guided to do. It was now or never to start my own company, so I chose now.


Here I am…Ready to help you find BALANCE. The alignment of Mind, Body, and Soul will help you transform. I’m here to guide you.